Two of the most luxurious brands in beauty are coming together for a unique and exclusive collaboration. Luxe haircare brand Moroccanoil is pairing with distinguished crystal company Swarovski to bring salons a limited edition and very shiny version of the original and beloved Moroccanoil Treatment.

Celebrating 10 years of Moroccanoil, the brand is paying tribute to this momentous anniversary with a new luxury design. Swarovski’s legacy of crystal creation has dressed the traditional bottle from cap to bottom in stunning crystals, of course coloured in the classic Moroccanoil blue. It is further packaged in a vibrant aquamarine box with a desert oasis design.

“We are thrilled to celebrate ten years of innovation with Swarovski and create something truly special,” shared Moroccanoil Co-founder Carmen Tal. “When we first introduced our iconic Moroccanoil Treatment, we revolutionised the beauty industry by pioneering a new oil-infused hair care category. It has been such an incredible journey and only fitting that we turn to a partner like Swarovski that embodies heritage and luxury to honour our hero product.”

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The Moroccanoil Treatment is the lavish signature product of the brand, with all-encompassing properties for conditioning and styling that have won acclaim since its creation in 2008. The product absorbs into the hair creating health, shine and silk textures, and the ten year Swarovski design matches this quality with a luxury aesthetic.

“Swarovski is honoured to partner with an iconic brand that embodies quality and luxury in the same way that we do,” said Alexander Wellhoefer, Swarovski Global SVP of North America. “We are excited to add our signature sparkle to the classic Moroccanoil Treatment and know that both our customers will be delighted to see this unique edition of the iconic bottle.”

For the last decade Moroccanoil has strived to produce high-performance oil-infused treatments and products, and has since been immensely popular among global fashion and beauty professionals. Moroccanoil was the first of its kind to utilise argan oil in this way and continues to inspire the industry with its impressive collaborative efforts.

Happy birthday Moroccanoil, this is quite a way to celebrate!

McKenna Uhde