WPP AUNZ celebrates population milestone with print adsWPP AUNZ celebrates Australia's 25 million population milestone with a series of print ads across Australian Financial Review and The Australian.

WPP AUNZ has ran print ads across Australian Financial Review and The Australian to celebrate Australia hitting the 25 million population milestone.

Alongside a celebration of Australian multiculturalism, the ads acknowledge the pressures companies face to keep up with a growing, diverse population. WPP AUNZ is offering its services to assist companies in understanding and reaching their Australian customers.

“This week marked an incredible milestone in our country’s history. We’ve developed into a thriving, vibrant nation that continues to meet challenges and provide a blueprint for multiculturalism,” says WPP AUNZ chief strategy officer Rose Herceg.

“WPP AUNZ knows just how important this milestone is because it is our job to know our population inside out. So we couldn’t let this moment pass by without acknowledgement.”

Australia's population had not been expected to hit 25 million for several more decades, but has exceeded expectations as diverse groups make the move to Australia.

“We wanted to reach the business community and our shareholders with a message of celebration and recognition,” says Herceg.

“And to remind them that while 25 million might seem like a big number, we have the breadth and depth of talent and tools to delve into every diverse corner of our population to help brands understand what makes them tick.”

Herceg suggests that as a media business, WPP sees the value in a multitude of channels but have utilised their experts in choosing the best outlet for their target audience. WPP AUNZ has used this opportunity to showcase the company's abilities in print advertising.

“To produce this milestone message, we tapped into the deep pool of talent across the WPP AUNZ group, just as we do for any of our clients,” she says.

“We shaped a message, found the right channel, and reached the right people, to market this moment in history.”


McKenna Uhde