SCA explores sponsorship models for upcoming RnB Fridays LiveSCA's upcoming RnB Fridays Live event is larger, louder and will offer advertisers more options to integrate within the festival, Melbourne general manager Dave Cameron explains.

The event has been gaining traction since its launch in 2015, acting as a festival version of their popular RnB Fridays radio series.

It rolls out across Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney throughout November with a line up including Usher, Lil Jon, and Salt N Pepa.

Since its inception, RnB Fridays Live has had a streak of sold out shows. As a result, SCA will host this year's festival in a larger arena venue that will cater to advertising installations.

“Brand activations are a critical part of large format events now, and the extra revenue opportunity is part, but there are so many brands that want to be linked to bigger brands,” Cameron says.

“From car brands to experiential brands, they're wanting to tie their brands to our brands now, and they're wanting to do activations inside.”

Though they have not yet announced this year's partnerships, in previous years RnB Fridays Live has hosted activations along the arena's periphery including braid bars, make up bars, and gaming areas.

“The type of audience that goes to these events are highly engaged,” says Hit Network head of content Gemma Fordham.

“Quite often event activations don’t have people taking any part in them, and don't have any excitement around them. That's what our learning has been, to pick the right activations. It's a really strong demographic so we've had a lot of synergy with the clients who have come on board.”

SCA has developed the live aspect of their popular show with intent to reach a larger audience and provide cross-platform promotional opportunities.

“The objective is really to bring our brand to life and to maintain the extension of the brand,” says Fordham.

“The brand has continued to grow, and this year is our biggest yet. So the more people that we can reach with our brand, helps us with our radio brand as well.”

McKenna Uhde