Nova explores new audience with expanded Smooth Festival of ChocolateNova is once again hosting the Smooth Festival of Chocolate in Sydney where brands have the chance to host a variety of events and installations over the two-day event.

In previous years, the event has reached 150,000 in attendance and has now moved to the epicentre of Sydney to draw a new audience to the Smooth brand.

The festival, hosted over 1-2 September at Sydney Showgrounds, will act as a platform for food, dessert and beverage brands where attendees can purchase, taste and experience culinary creations.

“I think the festival has the right tone of voice for the Smooth brand and will appeal to our audience,” Nova GM Luke Minto says.

“Our primary listeners will love seeing the Smooth on-air talent – Melissa Doyle, Richard Wilkins, David Campbell – and the fact that food is such a passion point for Australians, we will have people coming purely for that reason, which from a brand extension point of view is perfect for us.”

The event itself will host 12 large brand activations running the entirety of the event including a ferris wheel hosted by stage show Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, who will also hand out golden tickets throughout festival.

Other large installations include the Hope Estate garden bar, Foxtel's outdoor viewing area, and the Callebaut Test Kitchen.

In addition to the larger branded events throughout the two days, 85 vendors will be promoting and selling their savoury and sweet treats.

Nova has also chosen to direct the ticketing revenue to a partnership with OzHarvest. For each ticket sold, two meals will be provided to those in need, and five meals for family tickets.

“They will also be active over the two days by selling food that shows how the brand works, selling their cookbooks by national celebrity chefs, and take part in any food waste collection. They are a fully integrated partner in this one,” Minto says.

This year's event offers a large audience for advertising opportunities, both at the festival and via social platforms. Attendees will be offered free WiFi throughout the park in hope of boosting the event's exposure on social media.

McKenna Uhde